Integrating primary and behavioral health care to help our patients improve their quality of life.

September is Recovery Month!
The Power of Peer Support

Every Thursday in September, our Certified Peer Recovery Specialists will hold information sessions about Peer Support and how it can help you or your loved one find and maintain your own unique path of recovery. Join us at an area library from 5:30pm-6:30pm. For more information, contact Erin Goodman at or 401.539.2461, ext 315.

9/14 Cross' Mills Library, 4417 Old Post Road, Charlestown, RI
9/21 Langworthy Library, 24 Spring Street, Hope Valley, RI
9/28 Westerly Library, 44 Broad Street, Westerly, RI

Therapist providing behavioral health services

Behavioral Health Services

Meet Our Behavioral Health Providers

As a patient-centered medical home, our providers understand that physical health and emotional health go hand in hand. Our behavioral health and medical providers work in tandem with our patients to help them address and overcome chronic health conditions, anxiety, depression, life changes, relationship issues and grief and loss.

Wood River Health offers the following groups and support systems to help improve our patients' quality of life:

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program

Wood River Health's MAT Program is open to current patients and is one of the safest and most effective options available for individuals living with Substance Use Disorders. MAT is an evidence-based method of treatment that provides individuals with the tools they need to manage their substance uses. The cost of MAT is covered by Medicaid and by most private insurance companies.

Peer Support Services

Peer support workers are people who have been successful in the recovery process who help others experiencing similar situations. Through shared understanding, respect, and mutual empowerment, peer support workers help people become and stay engaged in the recovery process and reduce the likelihood of relapse. Peer support services can effectively extend the reach of treatment beyond the clinical setting into the everyday environment of those seeking a successful, sustained recovery process.

Marigold Health Program

A free, anonymous social network where people with mental health and substance use conditions support each other. We partnered with Marigold to help people with substance use or mental health challenges build their recovery networks. Marigold Health provides peer support, anonymous text-based groups and more.  Participants have 1:1 access to a peer specialist via phone, text, or video.  Participants and peer specialists collaborate to determine the type of supports needed and the best next steps. Participants set their own goals and pace. There is no cost to participate.

Group Therapy

To support our patients' emotional well-being, our Behavioral Health Program offers counseling through group therapy. Group meetings take place at 823 Main Street, Hope Valley, RI. Some groups are offered to only Wood River Health patients, and some groups are open to the public. For more information, call 401.539.2461 or contact the staff member listed below for each group.


Wellness Group Therapy

The Wellness Group Therapy Program provides adults ages 18 and above with a weekly group meeting to learn coping skills and gain support to help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and addiction. Contact Michele Kelly at 401.539.2461 at ext 169 or email at

Men's Recovery Support

Wood River Behavioral Health offers a Men's Recovery and Support Group for adult men ages 18 and above who wish to obtain coping skills for their recovery while also learning how to improve relationships, shift negative thinking patterns and develop deeper meaning in life. Contact Amanda Brycki at 401.539.2461 at ext 245 or by email at

Women's Recovery Support

Women who are in recovery may seek support with our Women's Recovery Support Group. While sharing their experiences, participants will learn coping skills as well as how to improve relationships. Childcare is available. Contact Penny Palazzo at 401.539.2461 at ext 142 or by email at

Tobacco Cessation Group

The Tobacco Cessation Program is open to current patients age 16 and above seeking support to live a tobacco free lifestyle. Program participants receive support, behavioral health strategies, medication recommendations (with support from your primary care provider) on how to live a tobacco free life. Contact Penny Palazzo at 401.539.2461 at ext 142 or by email at

Young Men's/Teen Support Group

This weekly young men’s group for teens ages 14-17 provides coping skills to manage anxiety and depression as well skills for preparing for college or work and navigating friendships and relationships. Please contact Erik Foerster, LCSW at 401-539-2461 at ext 260 or by email at

Young Women's/Teen Support Group

Wood River Behavioral Health is now offering a weekly young women’s group for teens ages 12-17 who would like to work on self-esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, interpersonal skills, boundaries, and healthy relationship skills in our Hope Valley location. Please contact Aprile Daley LCSW at 401-539-2461 at ext 201 or by email at

Mindful Movement and Meditation Group

Join this weekly group session to build empowerment and feel more grounded. Mindful movement and meditation helps reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and more. Mats provided. Contact Amanda Brycki at 401.539.2461 at ext 245 or by email at

Women Seeking Safety

Women living with addiction, trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are welcome to join this evidence-based treatment group. Contact Michele Kelly at 401.539.2461 at ext 169 or by email at


Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)*

This weekly drop-in WRAP group is designed to help adults make time to focus on their mental health, stress-reduction and overall wellness in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Led by our Peer Recovery Specialists and open to all adults ages 18 and above. Free and open to the public (participants do not have to be Wood River Health patients to participate). Contact Erin Goodman at 401.539.2461 at ext 315 or by email at

NAMI Connections Virtual Group*

Hosted by Wood River Health and the National Alliance of Mental Illness Rhode Island offers this virtual group weekly via Zoom or phone for all adults 18 and above who are living with mental health conditions. This peer-led support group is led by trained facilitators who also live with mental health conditions and share coping strategies, encouragement and understanding. Free and open to the public (participants do not have to be Wood River Health patients to participate). For the Zoom link, contact Erin Goodman at 401.539.2461 at ext 315 or by email at

Pharmaceutical Services

Genoa Healthcare operates onsite at our Hope Valley location. The pharmacy provides Wood River Health’s patients with a convenient option for filling prescriptions where they receive their medical, behavioral health and dental care.

Genoa Healthcare provides specialized pharmacy offerings to simplify the patient’s medication management, such as pre-filled pill organizers to help patients track their medications, convenient medication mailing options and assistance with authorizations and insurance plans.

Lab Services

Wood River Health provides Laboratory Services from East Side Clinical Laboratory and Yale/New Haven Health Westerly Hospital, both at our Hope Valley location. No appointment is necessary. All Wood River Health patients welcome.

Sliding Fee Scale Program

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, we offer a Sliding Fee Discount Program and payment plans.

Wood River Health is accepting new patients! To learn more about our groups or to schedule an appointment at our convenient Hope Valley and Westerly locations, contact us today.