Please click How to Pay Your Health Care Bill Online to learn how to quickly and conveniently pay through our secure online portal for the services you receive from Wood River Health.

Enrolling in CurrentCare, RI’s statewide health information data exchange system, ensures the best care possible by providing your healthcare provider with secure electronic access to your most up-to-date health information. CurrentCare is free and you decide which doctors have access to view your secure health information.

Sign up at Wood River Health Services or click here to enroll. Follow the instructions on the screen and remember to select Doctor’s Office and then Wood River Health when asked who referred you to enroll.

If you do not have health insurance, your first step in Rhode Island should be to call HealthSource RI at 855-840-4774 or begin the application process online at; in Connecticut the agency is called Access Health CT and the website is

In-person appointments and telephone assistance is also available at Wood River Health Services by calling our Outreach and Enrollment Specialists at 401.387.9630.

To learn more how the Affordable Care Act and healthcare reform can assist you in obtaining affordable health insurance, go to

What is Medicaid Renewal and “Unwinding”?

Before the pandemic, people who enrolled in Medicaid had their eligibility reviewed once a year. This is called “Renewal” or “Redetermination”. During the pandemic, to make sure that people did not lose health coverage, no one needed to renew their Medicaid benefits. This included seniors, people with disabilities, adults, children and families.

Starting in April 2023, yearly Medicaid renewals will start again. This process will happen over the next 14 months. (This is sometimes called “unwinding”.) The first group of enrollees will receive their renewal notice in April, 2023, and each month thereafter a new group will receive renewal notices. The last group will receive their renewal notice in March, 2024. After these renewals are completed, the regular yearly renewal process will start again.

For details, see the Medicaid Renewal Fact Sheet.

AIDS Project RI: 800.726.3010

RI Child Abuse Hotline: 800.742.4453

RI Domestic Violence Hotline: 800.494.8100

RI Council on Alcoholism: 866.252.3784

Protective Services Unit, Department of Elderly Affairs: 401.462.0555

RI Legal Services: 401.274.2652

Teens / Runaway Youth: 52Safe7233

Gay And Lesbian National Helpline: 888.843.4564 or 866.488.7386

Sexual Assault & Trauma Resource Center of RI: 401.421.4100

Samaritan Suicide Hotline: 800.365.4044 or 401.272.4044

Victims Of Crime Helpline: 800.494.8100

The Journey to Hope, Health and Healing: 877.400.4673