Our Mission

To provide our patients with high-quality and affordable health care services through a compassionate, team-based approach.

Our Vision

Every member of the Wood River Health community experiences physical, emotional and social well-being.

Our Values

Integrity: We are champions and advocates for our patients, communities and each other. We stay true to our mission, vision and values.

Community: We respect the knowledge and skills of our local partners, patients and employees. 

Innovation: We develop, adopt and contribute to advancements for improved health and improved quality.

Respect: We treat all people with appreciation, courtesy and dignity.

Diversity and Inclusion: Wood River Health actively supports and embraces a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Compassion: We are sensitive to the difficulty of others and what they may be experiencing through our expressions of kindness, caring and helpfulness.

Teamwork: We work collaboratively and hold each other accountable to achieve our mission.