Our Little Free Library is Open for Business!

April 09, 2024

Little Library Crew

Wood River Health's is delighted to announce the installment of our Little Free Library! More than 30 million adults cannot read above a third-grade level in the U.S. today. Studies have repeatedly shown that access to books is one of the strongest predictors of academic success. Enter Little Free Library book exchanges!

Visitors to our Hope Valley site are encouraged to help themselves to a free book - and replace it with one they've enjoyed during their next visit. Featured above are avid readers who made this project possible, listed below from left to right.

Director of Clinical Operations Jessica Joseph and Director of of Care Coordination Kat Miller served as the inspiration behind this project. President and CEO Alison Croke provided the resources to make it happen. Local artist Stephen Brunelli designed a pattern of Wood River Health's logo and painted each section. He also carefully hand lettered the text. Director of Development and Communications Sarah Channing created the design concept and developed the word phrasing. Jim Onorato of Stonington Builders & General Contractors, LLC ensured the library was firmly installed on our grounds.

Reading is to the Mind...What Exercise is to the Body

We thank each of these individuals for their efforts to bring this vision to fruition - and we look forward to keeping it well stocked.