Letter to the Editor: New Wood River Health Location Deserves Support

October 19, 2023

The following is a Letter to the Editor of the Westerly Sun. It was submitted by Mojie Friel on October 19, 2023.

The words “health care” are in our news, in our conversations, and make us mindful of what they mean. Health care has become part of our daily lives and affects us all, young and old. We live in a time where providers of health care are physically expanding into new locales and finding more mainstream locations such as in shopping centers and drug stores.

Evidence of this trend was the entrance of Wood River Health, a mainstay in the Hopkinton/Richmond area, to Westerly in 2019. I recall touring their new facility on Wells Street during an open house and being enthused by their own excitement to share their mission/vision with more patients. They have since opened another office in that vicinity.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I was part of a tour of their new addition, under construction, at their Hope Valley main offices. Nearly complete, the two-story building is witness to the need for more health care delivery. It was easy to envision patients visiting the framed rooms for physical therapy, behavioral health care, dental exams and more. The imposing edifice will be home to expanded services to help fulfill the needs of the Wood River Health patient base.

Wood River Health continues to find new ways to be a community partner and find synergies with others. They are seeking to become one of the anchor agencies in the proposed Tower Street Center located in Westerly. Their space will be dedicated to primary care and behavioral health care. They are intent on meeting an important need in the community and are looking to fill a gap in health care services in a location that will provide multiple uses. I ask you to consider supporting Wood River Health in their newest pursuit to serve Westerly and the surrounding communities.

Mojie Friel